We propose some suggested itineraries for the day near the hotel

Via del Prosecco

Departing in the morning suggests the route called “Via del prosecco”, which starts from the Castello di Conegliano, on the Gothic arch of the door to Bele, Rua di Feletto reached, instead of the hermitage of the second half Camaldolesi the ’600 and ends in S. Pietro di Feletto, Refrontolo and Pieve di Soligo.

Continues to Solighetto, Follina, Cison, then provided along the main route, arrives in Farra di Soligo and Col S. Martino, with its towers Credazzo and Valdobbiadene, where the route ends. With a choice also of several individuals route detours from the principal.

Visit historical sites surrounding

Visit the small historic centers of Asolo, Bassano del Grappa, located at the foot of Prealpi Venete in front of Monte Grappa and Asiago Altopiano, Marostica “Chess City”, Castelfranco and Possagno center attached to the name of the place neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova, who among his highlights the Tempio Canoviano temple.

Proximity to Venice

It is also possible in 1 hour to reach the train station S. Lucia in Venice.

Visit the town of Conegliano and the city of Treviso

Departure from the hotel Grappolo d’oro, visit the beautiful city of Conegliano Conegliano with Castello, the numerous monasteries in 1200: Santa Maria Mater Domini in the convent of Padri di San Polo Umiliati, Sant’Antonio, San Francesco Minor dei Frati, the Palazzo Comunale settecentesco and more. Visit the city of Treviso, with its history of paleo Venetian old town before then municipality Roman, medieval and later village center. Treviso has infinite places of great interest among the most important suggested: the churches of San Francesco, San Nicolò, San Martino Urbano, the Monte di Pietà and Cappella dei Rettori, the Loggia dei Cavalieri, the beautiful Piazza Dei Signori and the Palazzo Trecento, Piazza Rinaldi, military architecture and the Venetian Villas.

Visit the Forest of Montello

The Montello is surely a special place where nature still raises emotions and surprises, inviting anyone who comes to explore, not only on the surface.
This hill has landscape and environmental aspects that make it a peculiar and distinct item on the surrounding territory. Positioned in the heart of the high plateau appears as a cupola Trevigiana low and elongated east-west that rises to reach the maximum share of 369 m. s.l.m.. Piave River delimits the north and east, and south if you open the plain to the west Montebelluna Treviso and its hilly relief is a separate structure of an ancient paleo alveolar river.