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Via Feltrina Sud 181Montebelluna – 31044–TV
Tel. 0423619645
Cell. 3939374205

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    Montebelluna is located in the north of the territory of Treviso Province.
    Behind you can see the bow piedmont.
    Montebelluna is also a reference center in the neighboring towns is home to important services such as hospital , colleges and the court.
    Almost all the land is flat except for two lots to the north comprising the montelletto or “la rive” and a part of Montello hill. Between two low hills in the valley flowed past geological ages of the Piave River: torrential river now flows north instead of Montello.
    Hence the presence in the territory of areas of gravel.


    Montebelluna – Treviso: 22 km
    Montebelluna – Venezia: 55 km
    Montebelluna – Castelfranco Veneto: 19 km
    Montebelluna – Padova: 55 km.


    The city is connected with the province, Treviso, from Strada Statale “Feltrin” that allows connections north – south Treviso – Montebelluna – Feltre.
    Connections east – west are rather good from the statale “Bassanese Marosticana”.


    da TREVISO – strada regionale n° 348 “Feltrina”, to FELTRE
    da BASSANO – strada regionale n° 248 “ Bassanese”, to CONEGLIANO
    da CASTELFRANCO – strada provinciale n° 667, a Caerano di San Marco turn to left to CONEGLIANO
    da FELTRE – strada regionale n° 348 “Feltrina”, to TREVISO


    Autostrada A4 Serenissima- A31 Piovene Rocchette exit Vicenza south to Castelfranco-Feltre
    Autostrada A4 Serenissima- A27 Venezia-Belluno exit Treviso North to Feltre-Montebelluna